Kentucky Board Of Nursing Aprn Collaborative Agreement

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September 24, 2021
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Kentucky Board Of Nursing Aprn Collaborative Agreement

Having this framework would have made a big difference for Brenda Pittman, a nurse at Mt. Sterling, Ky. One doctor withdrew from an agreement with her in June 2013, another did so last March. In both cases, the doctors` surges were purchased by large hospital systems that did not allow them to continue the agreements. “I called a dozen doctors,” Pittman says, recalling their frantic feud after the deals ended. Both times, she found herself empty and had to close her practice for four days, losing about $12,000. “It devoured my budget and many patients complained that they couldn`t be seen, that they couldn`t get their refills,” said Pittman, who under the new law no longer needs to be associated with a cooperating doctor to prescribe most medications. Documentation documents on collaborative practice are available on the Board of Directors` website ( The Bureau requests the communication of the Cooperation Agreement ( However, at the national level, stakeholders doubt that this approach is really an innovative compromise. “Making it easier for someone to get an unnecessary burden to meet the requirements does not deny that it is a burden,” said Tay Kopanos, AANP vice president in charge of land government affairs.

She said the cooperation agreement for controlled drugs, which the government considers dangerous and addictive, was a major obstacle. The act establishes a six-member committee to establish a list of physicians willing to enter into these agreements. If the nurse cannot find anyone on the list within 30 days, the committee must have a doctor on site. After four years, PRs no longer need an agreement to prescribe most medications. A nurse already licensed rn in Kentucky (or another compact state) follows the instructions for use of the APRN ( A person licensed in another jurisdiction or who omits their care license follows the APRN & RN ( usage instructions. A NP may prescribe legendary drugs as part of a cooperation agreement with a physician. If a NP has met certain conditions after four years, the NP can prescribe drugs independently. If the NP wishes to impose controlled substances in List II-V, the cooperation agreement must be maintained. §314.042 A PA may perform medical services and procedures as part of the practice described in the request to the Board of Directors for approval by the Supervisory Board.

Ky. Rev. Stat. § 311.858 Sheila Schuster, a lobbyist for the Coalition for Nurses and Midwives, said the replacement of the career requirement with the four-year cooperation agreement “is an important step forward in asserting independent practice.” The application can be submitted online. There are separate online forms for APRN ( and APRN &RN ( An applicant may be authorised to grant a Temporary Authorisation (TA) for both the RN practice and the APRN ( . . .

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