Local 371 Collective Bargaining Agreement

Authorization Agreement for Preauthorized Payments Form (Sf-5510)
March 5, 2022

Local 371 Collective Bargaining Agreement

During the period from September 28, 2021 to October 29, 2021, any employee on leave without payment due to his vaccination status may opt for the resignation of H+H. If an employee decides to dismiss, the dismissal must take place no later than December 31, 2021. In the event of dismissal, the employee is entitled to paid sick leave and any other accumulated leave in the amount provided for in an applicable collective agreement. The employee is also entitled to one week`s pay based on regular hours. Employees who choose this option cannot be rehired by H+H within six months of their termination date. By November 1, 2021 at the latest, H+H will begin unilaterally dismissing employees who have not provided proof of vaccination, who have been approved for a medical or religious exemption, or who have resigned. www.audacy.com/wtic/news/local/pro-union-rally-held-outside-barkhamsted-dollar-general A separate agreement with the same conditions as above applies to all employees of the Ministry of Health and Mental Hygiene who work in the school system of the Ministry of Education and who are represented by CD 37. NEW YORK – Today, District Council 37 and the Department of Education announced an agreement for nearly 20,000 DOE employees. The 37 members of the district council who have not demonstrated at least one dose of the vaccine have the option to resign or take time off. Employees who wish to apply for a medical or religious exemption must do so by 17 p.m. on Tuesday, October 5.

The deal follows weeks of hard-fought negotiations, including a lawsuit in the New York State Supreme Court on behalf of the union`s members` rights. Local 371 of the Union of Social Services Employees (SSEU) exists to represent our members who seek collective bargaining rights through member engagement and community support. SSEU Local 371 strives for a fair and decent contract to raise the standard of living, health and safety of all members and the community. Through political empowerment, we mobilize our members to become socially conscious and politically active. RT @ChantelJ2020: A big thank you to @SSEUwells and all the social workers on the phone. Benefits Chairs: One (currently) with one voiceless voice. The Executive Board implements the directives and resolutions of the General Assembly and the Assembly of Delegates on a daily basis. It consists of: Delegates: Eight elected by the Assembly of Delegates for one (1) term.

“As President of SSEU Local 371 and a COVID-19 survivor, I have explained why taking the vaccine is important to me. I understand and respect the fact that this is a personal decision, but I want to lead by example. Local 371 can negotiate a retirement plan to make your retirement easier. 1) As of today, from October 4, 2021 to October 29, 2021, employees have the opportunity to resign. These employees are entitled to reimbursement for unused sick leave on an individual basis, up to a maximum of 100 days. Employees who choose this option will continue to be eligible for health benefits until September 5, 2022, unless they have health insurance from another source. 2) Employees may apply for a medical or religious exemption. If the request for medical or religious exemption is rejected, the applicant has 48 hours to appeal the decision, unless additional time is requested and granted. While the exemption/placement and/or appeal review procedure is ongoing, the person remains on leave without payment to the health services. Employees who are vaccinated and have requested accommodation have the option to take sick leave or annual leave while their application and appeal are pending, if the appeal is allowed, these employees will be reimbursed for any sick and/or annual leave taken retroactively to the date of their first request. Employees who receive an exemption remain on the payroll and retain their health benefits. The DOE may temporarily assign these employees to work in non-school DOE buildings such as DOE Central or temporarily designate the employee to perform work for another municipal agency that is not subject to a vaccination warrant.

Delegates (currently about 300) who are elected each spring by members of their respective workplaces. The number of delegates is based on the place of work and the number of trade union members (e.B. 25-74 members = 1 delegate; 75-124 = 2 delegates). By organizing a union, workers can significantly improve their employment conditions. Unionized workers enjoy much stronger legal protection in the workplace, as well as better wages and benefits. Here are some recent statistics that prove it: 3) Employees without proof of vaccination who do not opt for any of the above options will be registered from today, the 4th anniversary of vaccination. October 2021 to November 30, 2021 (or until proof of vaccination) automatically leave without pay. Employees keep their health insurance benefits during this period and are not allowed to work during the holiday period. During the period from November 1 to 30, 2021, any employee who is on leave without pay due to their vaccination status may elect to extend the leave until September 5, 2022. .

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